Refurbished Buses

For the past 20 years of our 40 year history we have engaged in refurbishing buses as needed. Before that time we simply sold used buses as they came in with perhaps some minor body work. But for the past 20 years we have gone in to more extensive work. Not all buses that come in need refurbed. Our cleanest buses come to us from the state of Delaware and that is why we transport those buses in about 700 mile. Delaware buses for the most part have clean undercarriages, step wells, seat legs etc. and need perhaps on small detailing.

When we a get bus in that needs refurbished, the undercarriage will be sand blasted down to white metal which takes about 8 to 10 hours. Once the undercarriage is cleaned it is examined for any cracked or deteriated cross members and repaired. The undercarriage is then sprayed with Rust-o-leum primer and then Rust-o-leum Flat Black and the undercarriage looks like it was when new . Step well treads are removed, the step well blasted along with the seat legs. New paint is added, any torn seat covers replaced etc. The chrome Yellow Paints is buffed to bring back the new luster and the bus looks extremely well, ready to go back into service.